Sunday, January 13, 2013

OPI - Stay the Night (swatches and review)

     Hey guys, got a little swatch for you today. I have OPI's Stay the Night on the chopping block. Since this is a pretty new texture to my personal knowledge, I don't have any dupes for this polish. It's a blackened base packed with what appears to be pink round glitter. It seems that these 'liquid sand' texture polishes are all the rage. I'll be the first to admit that I've been extremely suspicious of this. The whole crackle polish (my least favorite polishes of all) faze that nail companies went through a few years ago, the matte faze, and all the other gimmicky polishes over the years have made me weary of new textures.

     However, I am a huge advocate of innovation and new ideas. Even if someone tries something new but crashes and burns, it is a huge plus in my book that something new was tried. Without innovation, this world would be a pretty boring place. So this new 'liquid sand' line that was introduced with the new Mariah Carey line was kind of a must-try for me.

    As far as the formula goes, this is an interesting one. The texture is liquid when going on and slowly dries to a bumpy, semi-matte finish. When the polish is dry, the black base is just sheer enough to show some of the deeper set glitter at certain angles. The polish doesn't dry too quickly, so you have a bit of time to paint the polish on without having to worry about clumping, however, it's not very forgiving once the polish is dried, so don't daddle too much. I needed three coats for full opacity, but I was using very thin coats for each layer. You could probably get away with two coats if you use thicker layers. Removal was pretty painless. I know that the OPI press release says that you should soak your nails in acetone for 10 minutes for removal, but that's not necessary. I found that this comes off about the same as a good glitter - not a breeze, but not a glittery hot mess.


Video Swatch:

     Overall, this polish is pretty awesome. It's a novel idea, but a good one, and the execution was much better than I had first anticipated. The formula was pleasantly surprising with how easy it was to work with and the effect is pretty unique (at least for now). It's available at ulta and at salons near you for $9USD if you are in the USA and various ridiculous marked up prices in other countries.

If you have any polishes you'd like to see swatched from my stash, let me know and I'll put it in my queue.

Thanks for reading!


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