Tuesday, November 27, 2012

butter LONDON - Scuppered (swatches and review)

     Hey guys, I have a swatch for you guys today. This polish is Scuppered from butter LONDON's Holiday 2012 collection. This polish is another glitter polish, of sorts. Of all the polishes in this collection, this one is probably the most unique in terms of looks. When I first saw the press release, I thought, "Oh yay. Yet another metallic glitter bomb to add to the backlog of metallic glitter bombs in this world."/sarcasm. But as it turns out, this one is probably the most unique of the bunch.

     In the bottle this polish is a bronzed copper foil/metallic that has pink, gold and green glitter. The green glitter is small, but is much more noticeable against the copper background. It's hard to be unique in a sea of 'unique', but I think this polish does pretty well in bringing something new to the table.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nail Art - Ornaments

      Hey guys, I have a simple little Christmas themed nail design for you guys today.  This is a pretty simple ornaments on a string design that you can use for the holidays or on Christmas eve. I had originally recorded a full tutorial for this one but the picture quality throughout the entire video somehow turned out to be really blurry and practically unwatchable. It looked fine in the viewfinder while I was recording so I have no idea what happened, but it's not pretty. Oh well. The pictures I took afterwards turned out fine so it's not a complete loss. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

butter LONDON - Scallywag (swatches and review)

     Hey guys, I have another nail polish swatch for you today. I will be swatching Scallywag. This is another polish from butter LONDON's - Winter 2012 Collection. This polish is an amazing mess in the bottle. It's a glitter bomb of epic proportions. When I saw this in the store, it practically blinded me in it's glittery messiness. At the very least, it's really pretty to look at.

     This is a clear based polish with multiple shades of light blue and silver glitter. At least, it looks like a clear base. As stated before, it's packed with glitter so the only thing noticeable are the glitters. Photos don't really do this polish justice when it comes to the sheer amount of hurt-your-eyes shine and it's probably not a good idea to wear this in bright sunlight if you're planning to drive. You might just dazzle yourself into a car accident (no, I'm serious. The light reflective properties are pretty awesome).

Monday, November 19, 2012

butter LONDON - Fairy Cake (swatches and review)

     Hey guys, I have polish swatch for you guys today. It's yet another polish from the butter LONDON Holiday 2012 Collection : Fairy Cake. I am horribly prone to weakness with this is the kind of polish because it may be a glittery mess of doom, but it's a holographic glittery mess of doom. I held off from picking it up for about as long as I held off of eating cheesecake (which is to say, pretty much no time at all). OH WELL. You can't win them all, I guess.

     This polish is, as stated before, a holographic glittery mess of doom. It's not necessarily a messy polish, per se, but it's the type of kind-of-small-but-not-really holographic glitter that you've seen before in various sizes and shapes. It's pretty in the bottle and pretty average on the nails. It'd be a nice layer polish over another color, though you do need a soft hand and a light layer as the glitter is packed in pretty tightly. You could also do a gradient effect if you'd like, which I always thought looked much better than a full on bedazzle nail.

Friday, November 16, 2012

butter London - Fiddlesticks (swatches and review)

     Hey guys, I have a nail polish swatch for you guys today. This is a butter LONDON polish from the Winter 2012 Collection - Fiddlesticks. From the looks of some spring releases, I think this matte grit thing may be what companies are trying to push as the next trend for the year. I, for one, don't like it. I don't hate it as much as I hate crackle nail polish, but it's certainly not something I enjoy.

     This polish is a magenta toned base with tightly packed with a variety of pink and silver microglitter. It dries to an odd semi-matte finish that has a very gritty texture. The finish is reminiscent of OPI's Pepe's Purple Passion from last year's Muppet Collection.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

butter LONDON - Jack the Lad (swatches and review)

     Hey guys, I have a swatch for you today. This polish is Jack the Lad from butter LONDON's Holiday 2012 collection. This collection is a glitter puke like many holiday collections, but it offers some nice polishes for the sparkletastic commercial market that is the winter season (or at least it is here in the U.S.). I mean seriously, we haven't even had time to digest our sugar overdose from Halloween and there are already Christmas decorations lining up the shelves at your local mega chains. Did we just up and decide to skip the thanking and go straight to the giving? Although, in terms of business savy, I suppose it's better to advertise early. It's just a bit annoying when I haven't even gotten the Black Friday sale flyers and I already see the ornament displays already up.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Essie - Butler Please (swatches and review)

     Hey guys, I have a swatch for you today. This is essie Butler Please from their winter 2012 Leading Lady collection. This is the first collection from essie that I've actually had an interest in a long time. Most of the collections that the brand has been coming out with lately have been a bit meh to me, although I will admit to eyeing a few polishes from styelonomics, every once in a while.

     This polish is a vibrant medium ultramarine blue. From the bottle, it looks pretty close to Nails Inc's Baker St, which I have yet to get my hands on so the comparison will have to wait until I own both. I do believe there are comparisons available somewhere in the far reaches of the interwebs if you search.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grumping is appropriate for this crap.

     So I had this whole thing planned out, showing how I created this nail design. I had a grand long "How To" with video recordings and everything. But then,  my camera decided to be a jerk and loose about thirty minutes of video recording. The part of the video where I actually show how I paint the heads, which coincidentally is probably the most important part of the video. Since there were a ton of files associated with this design, I didn't even notice until I had started to edit the video that the files were missing. They were just gone.

     Believe me when I say, there was A LOT of profanity that flowed out of my mouth. I'm pretty sure I startled my goldfish a little because they were a little listless in the aftermath of my anger. At the very least I still have the pictures that I took of the design, otherwise I would probably still be cursing right this second. I think it was a sign of things to come when I spilled half a bottle of bright orange polish all over my desk while filming this thing. It was the world trying to tell me something.

     Here's to life's lemons, I guess. Doesn't make it any less hard to swallow, though. All that work *keyboard mashing* *rage quit*.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Nail Art - Wreck it Ralph

     Hey guys, I have some Wreck it Ralph inspired nails for you today! I've always loved playing video games and quite frankly, I still do. Though I never seem to have the time to play anymore, I still love the thrill of beating a game or even a hard level. I have not yet gone to see the movie, but I hear it's a treat. Just watching the previews throws me back to the days of yore when I had to go to the laundromat with my mother and spending hours playing (I sucked) or watching other people play (less suckage, but kinda boring) Street Fighter while waiting for the clothes to dry. It was that or watch the spanish channel on an endless soccer loop.

You can watch the video tutorial here: