Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nail Art - Halloween 2012

     Hey guys, I have a quick and simple black cat Halloween nails for you today. Black cats are always a staple for the Halloween season and this is something you can do to spice up your manicure when it comes time to costume up. And if you're still young enough at heart to go trick or treating, make sure you check those candies for razor blades. Or is that an urban myth?

     For this design, I used China Glaze Immortal from the new Halloween collection on the fourth finger and China Glaze recycle on the rest of the fingers. You don't necessarily need a different color for an accent nail. Also, any medium to medium-dark color will do for these nails. Blue, green or even purple would look really pretty with the design. Just make sure that the color you use is not too dark as to hide the black that you will need for the cat silhouette.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Nail Art - Skyfall

     Hey guys, I have some James Bond inspired nails for you today. With the release of Skyfall coming up - and more importantly for your and me, the launch of OPI's collection to tie in with the movie - I thought I'd do a little tribute to our quintessential secret agent. I don't know if I want the entire collection as some of the polishes are really not my cup of tea, Moonraker I'm looking straight at you, so we'll so how weak I feel in the next few weeks.

     Earlier this year, I fell for it with the Hunger Games collection from China Glaze, but I'd like to think I've learned from that experience. I'm probably never going to wear most of that collection, but I don't regret buying them and I know I can incorporate any and all of those polishes into some sort of nail design in the future. It's a little ironic that I cared so much about that collection since I didn't even know about the books prior to the announcement of the movie. And also, the only reason I knew of Jennifer Lawerence was because she played Mystique in X-men: First Class.


butter LONDON - Two Fingered Salute (swatches and review)

     Hey guys, I have a butterLONDON swatch for you today. I have the color in Two Fingered Salute, which is a Nordstrom exclusive in the US. I scooped up the last bottle in my local store, but I'm sure they'll restock as it seems to be a pretty popular color. I know that this isn't the only exclusive at Nordstrom, but I couldn't find the other colors in store and I'm not a fan of buying cosmetics blind. Internet swatches are notoriously disappointing for nail polish.

     This color is reminiscent of burnished gold with the light green/teal base that was mostly opaque and with copper/gold flecks suspended in the mix. It's not quite a glitter, but it's also not quite a flakie or a foil either. It's a nice balance between all three finishes and I really liked the way it looked even though this is probably not the best color for my skin-tone.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Deborah Lippmann - Mermaid's Dream (swatches and review)

     Hey guys, I have a Deborah Lippmann polish for you today. The (in)famous Mermaid's Dream. I don't know how many people I have seen on blogs and youtube and the such, raving and lusting after about this polish. I was curious about this line of polish too. With a price tag of $18 a pop, this was definitely a splurge since most of my polishes are bought with deals and coupons which wind up giving me some hefty savings.

     I believe this polish is inspired by the reflective shine of a mermaid's tail. I personally don't really see the connection. It looks more like a shiny seafoam green puke with some bits of blue fish egg, but that's just me. It's not the most flattering of colors on my skin and makes my hand appear much darker than they are.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Zoya - Gloss Collection (swatches and review)

     Hey guys! I have the Gloss Collection from Zoya for you today. There are three polishes that have a jelly-like or 'sorbet' finish. This kind of finish is actually my favorite even though they tend to need more coats than a regular polish. I love the way they look almost squishy on the nails so of course I was going to do my darnest to get all of them.