Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Deborah Lippmann - Mermaid's Dream (swatches and review)

     Hey guys, I have a Deborah Lippmann polish for you today. The (in)famous Mermaid's Dream. I don't know how many people I have seen on blogs and youtube and the such, raving and lusting after about this polish. I was curious about this line of polish too. With a price tag of $18 a pop, this was definitely a splurge since most of my polishes are bought with deals and coupons which wind up giving me some hefty savings.

     I believe this polish is inspired by the reflective shine of a mermaid's tail. I personally don't really see the connection. It looks more like a shiny seafoam green puke with some bits of blue fish egg, but that's just me. It's not the most flattering of colors on my skin and makes my hand appear much darker than they are.

     The finish on this polish without a top coat is quite gritty because of the flecks of blue glitter. It's not as hard as some other glitter polishes to remove, but it does take some effort. You don't quite need the foil method, but you will probably do better with a pure-acetone remover and some patience to boot.


(natural light)


     Overall, this was decent quality for a glitter polish. I am not a huge fan of the actual color but that's more a personal preference and my individual skin tone kind of clashing with the color than anything wrong with the polish itself. If you have lighter, pinker toned skin than me, this would probably work for you. Other than that, it's probably best to skip this one and save your Jacksons.

If you have any polishes you'd like to see swatched from my stash, let me know and I'll put it in my queue.

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