Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Zoya - Gloss Collection (swatches and review)

     Hey guys! I have the Gloss Collection from Zoya for you today. There are three polishes that have a jelly-like or 'sorbet' finish. This kind of finish is actually my favorite even though they tend to need more coats than a regular polish. I love the way they look almost squishy on the nails so of course I was going to do my darnest to get all of them. 

     For these particular swatches, I decided to layer them in a progressive fashion. One coat on the top nail to four coats on the pinky. It'll give you a good idea as to how many coats are needed for full coverage.

On to the swatches (all natural lighting):

      First up is Frida. In the bottle, this color looks black in low light and looks like a super dark forest green in the sunlight and fluorescent light. On the nails, its actually much lighter and turns into a dark green leaning on teal color that looks nothing like it does in the bottle.

     This color was the sheerest out of the three and took a full four coats to get opaque, and even then, there is still the barest hint of a nail line if you squint. I'm pretty sure one more coat will get rid of the nail line regardless of angle/distance, but a) I operate under the philosophy that four coats should be the maximum I should ever have to deal with when it comes to a higher end/salon polish (I'm looking at you, essie) and b) most people won't be that close to your nails anyway (and if they are without your permission, you need an adult).

      Next up, we have Katherine. This color is also very different from bottle to nail. It looks like a dark eggplant purple in the bottle but turns into a medium-dark plumy, red-toned purple on the nails. It's a bit disappointing since I was expecting the much darker purple. The website is also a bit misleading as the color shown there is darker and much less red-toned than in real life.

     The formula on this polish is a bit streaky. The polish clung to odd ridges on my nails no matter how flat my base coat made my nails. However, by the third coat, all the uneven strokes disappeared and the color was opaque. There was no visible nail line at three coats.

     I have not yet looked at this polish next to OPI's Houston We Have A Purple, but I feel like from memory, Katherine is darker and less pink. They are not close enough to be dupes.

     Finally we have Paloma, which I thought had the most boring color of the bunch but had the best formula by far. The color in the bottle is pretty close to the color on the nails, however it is deeper and more berry in the bottle. On the nail, this is a bright fuchsia pink with a hint of violet/purple in the mix.

     This is a three coater for me. I have four coats as a completion sort of thing, but it wasn't needed. Each layer went on so smooth I barely had to work at all. I love the formula on this polish and I wish the other two performed more like this one.

     Overall, this collection is okay for what it is. The one I was most excited about (Frida) turned out to be a hassle with the five coats, which is a little disappointing. However, the colors themselves are all rather pretty. If you don't have any jelly/sorbet polishes, I'd suggest you pick up Paloma and give it a try. It's what a great performing jelly polish should feel like.

These are all available for purchase at Zoya's website, at ulta and various salons for $8 a piece. 

If you have any polishes you'd like to see swatched from my stash, let me know and I'll put it in my queue.

Thanks for reading!


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