Tuesday, November 13, 2012

butter LONDON - Jack the Lad (swatches and review)

     Hey guys, I have a swatch for you today. This polish is Jack the Lad from butter LONDON's Holiday 2012 collection. This collection is a glitter puke like many holiday collections, but it offers some nice polishes for the sparkletastic commercial market that is the winter season (or at least it is here in the U.S.). I mean seriously, we haven't even had time to digest our sugar overdose from Halloween and there are already Christmas decorations lining up the shelves at your local mega chains. Did we just up and decide to skip the thanking and go straight to the giving? Although, in terms of business savy, I suppose it's better to advertise early. It's just a bit annoying when I haven't even gotten the Black Friday sale flyers and I already see the ornament displays already up.

     Anyway, back to the nail polish. I have to say that of all the polishes released, this one caught my eye first. In the bottle it looks like it's a dark, jelly-like base with lots of green and silver glitter packed in suspension. On the nail, it's actually a medium-deep green base with lots of green and silver glitter. Quite a pleasant surprise, in my opinion. The glitter is subtle in the shade but really pops if you're outside in the sun. The formula on this polish is good. Not the best in my experience, but up to par with most others in the brand. The first coat is sheer enough to clearly see the nail bed but by the second coat, I pretty much had full opacity. Removal was average, not a glittery like some of the other ones in this collection.


(natural lighting)


     Overall, this is a pretty cool polish to add to your collection if you have the change to spare. As always, this is available on the butter LONDON website, ulta, macy's and various other department stores for $14 a pop. Is it worth it? Sort of. I love the look and feel of this polish, but that's my personal preference. I don't think this particular shade is 'unique' in the sense that I can't think of any exact dupes for this shade, but the same or similar effect can be achieved with many other much less expensive brands out there. As with any product like this that starts above the $10 price point, I'd say skip it unless it's the kind of color you absolutely love and will not settle for 'almost'.

If you have any polishes you'd like to see swatched from my stash, let me know and I'll put it in my queue.

Thanks for reading!


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