Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nail Art - Ornaments

      Hey guys, I have a simple little Christmas themed nail design for you guys today.  This is a pretty simple ornaments on a string design that you can use for the holidays or on Christmas eve. I had originally recorded a full tutorial for this one but the picture quality throughout the entire video somehow turned out to be really blurry and practically unwatchable. It looked fine in the viewfinder while I was recording so I have no idea what happened, but it's not pretty. Oh well. The pictures I took afterwards turned out fine so it's not a complete loss. 

     I only used one tool for this, a 18/0 paint brush from the craft store, but any small paint brush or even a dotting tool will work fine. The only nail polish I used was butterLONDON's Dodgy Barnett for the base color. It's a gorgeous silver holo with a rainbow of multi-colored reflects and can be a bit blinding in the sun if you're not careful. ;) For the rest of the design, I used various acrylic paints that you can get in your local craft store.

(nautral lighting)


Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading!


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